For Fall 2019 International Students:

- We will start collecting Fall international students early enrollment fees and enrollment requests starting on Saturday, Aug. 24th, 2019, 3PM PDT. (Space is limited and given out at a first come first serve basis. E-mail us for more details.)

- All international student enrollment payment is due on Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 2019, 12PM PDT (International student early reservations will only be honored if the payment arrives before the deadline).

(*** International student enrollment is created to help students who have to relocate from overseas in order to attend the classes at CDA. To qualify for international student enrollment, you will need proof of foreign citizenship and traveled to US within a month before the semester starts. To be in communication for the international student enrollment and plan your trip, we recommend students to email us about 2 month prior to the start of a new semester. ***)

Common questions from international students: 

Q - Do you offer international student visa?

A - CDA is not an accredited school and is not qualified to issue international student visa. Most of our international students come study while using their 90 days visitor visa. As long as the student is not taking over 18 hours of courses per week, a student visa is not required under the standard US regulations.


Q - When should I contact the school for international student enrollment?

A - For international students, we have a different enrollment schedule and fee ($150 international student enrollment fee)  to help the students secure their class spots before traveling over to the states. In general, we ask all international students to contact us 2 month before the semester start date so we can get the communication started.


We run 3 semester in a year and each semester starts on these timings:

- Spring term usually starts on the first week of February
- Summer term usually starts on the first week of June
- Fall term usually starts on the last week of September

Q - Do you offer dorms at the school?

A - Unfortunately, we do not offer dorm service at CDA. But our location is situated in conveniently between two colleges, so there are a lot of apartment housing around the area.

You can find many of the apartment offers through Airbnb, CDA Student FB page, & Craig's List to help you get a feel of the apartment rental pricing and offerings around the area.

(For international students who have enrolled through the international student enrollment process and have paid the international student enrollment fee, we offer a blog service where current and past international students can communicate to find apartments, room mates, second hand goods, travel tips & exchange housing info.)

Did not find the answers to your questions? Please feel free to contact us at!