- Registration is based on a first come first serve system. A student is considered registered only when the full payment is received (Only online Credit Card payments are accepted through our online enrollment store and no check payments will be accepted. For international early enrollment students, an additional charge may apply for Paypal or Bank Money wire. Please contact us for more details).


- An Enrollment Processing Fee of $15 for the first class and $5 for each class after (fees non-refundable) applies to all students on each payment transaction for all 10 week classes. For Waiting List Tickets and Monthly Guest Workshops purchases, there are no Enrollment Processing Fee required.


- An International Student Registration Fee of $150 (non-refundable) applies to all international students for early enrollment.
(*** International student enrollment is created to help students who have to relocate from overseas in order to attend the classes at CDA. To qualify for international student enrollment, the student will need to show proof of foreign citizenship and have traveled to US within a month before the semester starts.***)

- All international early enrollments are taken on a first come first serve basis. Each class is limited to a 50% cap for the amount of international students allowed to enroll early per class.

- The maximum classes allowed for international student through early enrollment is 5 classes. For any additional classes, the student will need to sign up through the regular public enrollment process.

- International Students are required to contact and inform the school of their status 2~3 month before the semester start date in order to receive the international student early enrollment instructions.


- Registration deadline for all ten week courses is before the 2nd class class meeting.

- Class size is limited to 16-22 students max for design classes and 16~24 students max for studio classes (traditional drawing & painting).

- Workshop class limit will vary depending on instructor's request. Usually it will vary between 20-65 students max.

- Student must be at least 18 years of age for all courses with live nude models.

- Students are required to submit their full name & accurate phone number during the online registration process.  This will allow us to properly enroll each student and be able to contact them during special emergencies or class cancellation situations.


- *** For all advance courses that require portfolio review, a full payment of the class is needed before the review can take place. After the review results are announced, the class payments will be fully refunded to those who are not accepted. The portfolio review will take place each Saturday after the portfolios have been collected at 6PM PDT. The results will be announced within 2 weeks after the review.


- *** All waiting list ticket purchases are valid only for the same semester it was purchased. At the end of each semester, the waiting list tickets will expire and is no longer valid for future semesters.




- For students who have enrolled and completed in 3 ten week or eight week courses during the same semester at Concept Design Academy is eligible for $200 credit toward the monthly guest workshops. This promotion applies only to the same semester as the offer is given and it is not transferable to others.

Any unused portion of the MCD credit will be expired by the end of the semester and can not be credited for any cash value. If a student cancels one of the three courses, this will disqualify the student from the discount and the $200 workshop discount will no longer be refunded from the workshop purchase.

- *** During the online enrollment, students are required to pay the full tuition including the workshop they wish to apply their MCD credit for. The $200 workshop credit will later be refunded back to their credit card after their MCD qualification is approved (at the end of the semester). ***




- Concept Design Academy reserves the right to cancel any course, limit course size, or substitute instructors for those listed in the schedule should it be necessary. All 10 week courses must meet the minimum student requirements 3 days before the scheduled first day of class. or the course will be cancelled.
Minimum students requirement for ten week course = 8 students must be enrolled
Minimum students requirement for workshop = 12 students must be enrolled (18 for out-of-town guest workshops)
- Any course cancelled due to minimum student requirement will be announced 2 days before the scheduled first day of class.
- Any workshop cancelled due to minimum student requirement will be announced the Wednesday before the workshop date.
- MCD cancellations and transfers will cost the same as a regular class cancellation or transfer in policy.
- If an instructor must leave a course after the course has begun, and no suitable substitute is available, the students will be refunded a prorated amount based on the number of courses that were actually held. 
- Due to reasons such as instructor sick day, family emergencies, storm, earthquake, fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances, Concept Design Academy reserves the right to push any class back 1~2 weeks in schedule if necessary. Students are strongly recommended to plan their schedule with some flexibility in mind to avoid schedule conflicts.




- All workshop, 8 and 10 week course prices include a non-refundable $50 deposit.

- Refund Request must be received in writing or via e-mail, and will go in effect on the date received. You must REQUEST A RETURN RECEIPT for any e-mail refund request. The date opened is the date received. 

- All waiting list ticket purchase are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

- *** For all workshops, there is a no refund policy for cancellations WITHIN 7 days before the start of the workshop or anytime afterwards *** 

- *** For all workshops with special order supplies included with the enrollment, only 50% of the workshop tuition minus the non-refundable deposit can be refunded as the maximum refund amount. ***


- 8 and 10 week course refunds will be issued per the following: 

will be issued for courses cancelled BEFORE 7 days from the 1st day of the course.
will be issued for courses cancelled WITHIN 7 days before the course start date.
will be issued for courses cancelled on the 1st course date and before the 2nd course date.
- No refund will be issued for courses cancelled on or after the 2nd course date.



- All students must e-mail a transfer request in order to transfer from one course to another.
- There is a $25 fee for all transfers (if there is space available).
- If the cost of the new course transferred into is less than the initial course, the regular refund policy will apply.
- Last day for 10 week course transfer is before the 2nd course start date (Last minute transfer request on the date of the second class meeting will not be honored).

- *** For all portfolio review required classes/workshops, there is no transfer allowed once a student have submitted their portfolio for the review process. In this circumstance, a student can only transfer for free or refund once they have "not" been accepted into the advanced/portfolio review required class they have applied for. ***




- Every student is responsible for managing their schedule to attend the classes they have enrolled each week. For any class a student missed, CDA is not responsible or obligated to providing any make up session. Since we can not refund any missed classes or provide make-up sessions, we strongly advise students to attend every session in order to get the most from each course.

- In very special emergency cases, CDA will do our best to help a student catch up on the lesson if a student missed his or her class due to one of the three unfortunate events listed bellow:

1) Death in family

2) Sever illness (doctor's note required)

3) Car collision/accident (car disabled due to collision)

In these three special cases, please contact CDA through e-mail ASAP so we can do our best to help you stay updated on the course missed.




- At Concept Design Academy, we do our absolute best to uphold high ethic standards. We prefer to settle disagreements by clear communication and mutual respect. By registering for a class, you commit to having any legal disputes settled by an independent arbitration committee.



- Concept Design Academy reserves the right to provide qualified substitute for its scheduled instructors in the event of professional or personal changes in schedule.




- Concept Design Academy does not provide any computers, software, easels and art supplies for students on campus and might require it for some of the digital and traditional painting courses.
For the computer and traditional painting medium required classes, the students are responsible for providing their own computers hardware, software and traditional painting materials.




- By enrolling into a course or workshop at Concept Design Academy, students are agreeing to provide Concept Design Academy the College Use Rights in work created by students in the course of their study at Concept Design Academy without compensation. College Use Rights include the use of student work for the purpose of Concept Design Academy course and school promotions (to show student course work examples in print, website, & social media posts). For any work used, Concept Design Academy will do its best to properly credit the students so students can benefit from the course work advertisement/promotion.

- If a student do not wish to have his or her work used for Concept Design Academy course or school promotional use purpose, the student can email Concept Design Academy at to inform the school of their removal request. Concept Design Academy will respect the student's request and not use their artwork after their written request is received (except for any printed materials created before the removal request email was received).





 - Concept Design Academy is not accredited and will only issue a Certificate of Completion for the following purposes:

1) CSATTF grant reimbursement for pre-approved Animation, Art Directors and Costume Designers Guild members.

2) Special request from company HR department for employee training tuition reimbursement purpose.

- The Certificate of Completion is only a paper work to state the student have attended the course, it has no college credit value.

- Concept Design Academy will not be able to issue a Certificate of Completion if the student has missed 3 or more classes in a 10 week course or if the student has missed 30% or more of the special monthly workshop they have signed up for.

- The Certificate of Completion will be issued to qualifying students within 1~2 weeks after the last day of the school semester.

- Besides the certificate, students will also need to submit their Paypal and Storenvy receipt to CSATTF to start their refund process. If you are missing a Storenvy e-mail receipt due to being a waiting list enrollment rather than online sign up, please let us know and we can issue you a separate letter to CSATTF to explain the situation. In that case, our letter can act as a receipt/invoice to proof your class enrollment.

(*** If a student is late for class or have to leave class early, it is the individual student’s responsibility to inform the instructor so the student can be marked in for their attendance. If a student did not inform the instructor and was not marked in as the student was not present in class while the instructor was taking roll, the student will be considered absent on the attendance record for CSATTF reimbursement purpose. ***)



- For all students who are enrolling in classes that required field trips, the student needs to agree and sign and field trip waiver form in order to attend the class (or have guardian signature).

- We ask all students to use their best judgement and common sense when going out on class field trips. Each student will be responsible for their own actions for any damage at the field trip location or to themselves.

- CDA is not responsible for any field trips that is planned by students, teachers or staff outside of the actual enrolled class time. Those field trips are considered personal time outside of class session.


- We have a general no pets and animals in classroom policy to help ensure the safety of our students, staff and learning environment.

- If there is a special reason or need for a pet to be brought into CDA, please contact us at at least a week ahead of time to get special permission.

We generally only make special exceptions for:

- Instructors or TA (who are bringing the pet for students to draw and the school already know the pet on how he or she will behave in a classroom environment)
- Special guide dog for handicap or medical reasons (need paperwork proof).

If a special permission is granted by CDA, the pet will need to be leashed (or contained within a limited space/area required by CDA) and need to stay quiet to not disturb the class in session. If the pet is out of control (noise), we reserve the right to ask the owner to leave with the pet.



- For all class cancellation/refund requests, please contact the school via email first at so we can help process your request in a speedy manner.

Please refrain from issuing a charge back through your bank or credit card company without contacting CDA. The review process for a charge back will freeze up the tuition funds and take much longer to resolve (up to 75 days for the bank, credit card company or Shopify to review the claim and evidence provided from both parties.).

In the event of a charge back, the party who issued the charge back will be responsible for all penalty fees caused by the charge back (from the bank or credit card company) along with a $50 penalty fee to CDA to compensate the time required for the charge back paperwork.

CDA will refuse service and future attendance for any student until his or her tuition and penalty payment owed to the CDA is paid in full.

By enrolling into a course or workshop at Concept Design Academy, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand Concept Design Academy's Fall 2019 Terms of Service and agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth. 

If you have any questions about our Terms of Service, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail anytime before you enroll: or TEL 818-669-4657